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I'm tired of my service not working right I need my money refunded soon as possible.

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On April 6th 2014 I called to have my service disconnected because I was moving not sure if they were a service provider in the area. When I called the customer services rep. said they do provide service at my new location so I agreed to continue with the service. When I moved in I could not receive any internet service tried for several days as the rep. kept telling me I should be able to receive internet service.When I called back to tell them... Read more

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Buy Now (866) 718-0980 Visit My Account » Devices Coverage Support Welcome, Rebecca Howell Sign Out My Account Summary Billing JUL 10 Outstanding Balance: A payment of $51.47 was due on Jul 10, 2013 Previous Statements Date Statement Number Amount 06/11/2013 4-130610-2144 $26.47 05/11/2013 4-130510-2174 $51.47 04/11/2013 4-130410-2234 $26.47 As u can see they say July is past due. Lolol it is not july!!!!! Every month they do this and then... Read more

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Clear internet works well when it works, but in two months of service, I have experienced 3 long term internet outages, two of which has lasted longer than a week. Their customer service is completely inept, going to the same basic troubleshooting steps each time you call, even when a previous representative has tried them before. You basically have to spoon feed them possible solutions to try. The fact that it takes longer than a week to get... Read more

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Clear was installed in my home over a year ago and at first it was the BEST!!!!! Should have known it was too good to last! At the end of March 2012 billing could not get my payment to go thru...same card but it just wouldn't go thru?????? After 3 months of calling over and was fixed!!! Wow we were back to happy campers.........wrong! Clearwire installed SYSTEM updates to improve service around 4/1/2012 and the gates of *** were... Read more

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clearwire reps are the worst I think or just not good. My girlfriend worked in a clearwire store in the florida mall. A rep there by teh name of Ravii she said basically harassed the *** out of her, yelled at her, lost her a sale, then verbally abused her, accused her of lying or hustling customers and fired her though he had no authority to. He was just blatantly hostile towards her for no reason and even made her lose a sale on purpose, though... Read more

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i paid last june for a life time membership and now it is not hornored. i dont think that is fair.i have tried since the new system started. and it still will not let me download music. if i paid for lifetime membership i should get wheather it has changed or not. i guess my money was was free for your company. i will pay my money to another company and i hope they are more hornorable to their customers!!! yes i am pissed and i hope you go... Read more

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Do NOT go with Clearwire for your internet service provider! Beware!! They will drain your account by withdrawing money from it each month, EVEN IF you don't even use their god-awful service! The box they ship their *** mobile card or whatever lame equipment they send you isn't even opened yet, and they still take your money each and every single month, REGARDLESS IF YOU CANCEL, TOO! I called to cancel their service because I didn't... Read more

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I authorized a one time payment to Clear on behalf of my family member. I paid them on Sept. 15. On October 15, they charged my card again. I was on the internet, and I selected the option to be billed only once. They charged me again, and I did not authorize that charge! I know how to read, I've been reading since I was two years old! I would not authorize a recurring charge on my card for someone else! This company is no good! I wish... Read more

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PLEASE SEE: This summer, I took over a Clearwire contract from another unhappy customer (my old roommate). At the start, I was quoted a price of $40.00 a month (without a pre-scheduled increase) for 4G Wireless Internet Service by The original Clearwire equipment that I purchased didn't work properly, so Clear sent to me several different versions of the equipment - but none worked. Their... Read more

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