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Clearwire is an internet provider. I pay $50/mnth for internet service that is stated to be "up to 1.5Mb".

Clearwire is a wireless provider (the modem that you pay for receives its signal wirelessly).I have used several bandwidth speed checks, such as cnet bandwidth meter, and have never got throughput above 800kb.Often times the bandwidth is down to 240kbps. Clearwire has no technicians so you must be satisfied with a telephone or online chat double speak.

I have never been able to get an answer to the question of whether or not their system is actually capable of higher broadband throughput.

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First few months are great even with multiple users in the house, downloading at around 300-400 kb/s. After that, it gets slower and slower.

I still have 6 months of *** to go and we now download at 1.6 kb/s. The downloads even go as far as to freezing at points. Streaming videos become too slow to load and I just don't feel the point to wait 10 minutes for a 3 minute video to load up anymore. Online games are even worse, it lags and you cannot do anything in it.

Chatting online is a problem too, sending 1 message for every 5 messages.

My dial-up was faster than this, my previous internet provider as well. My suggestion, avoid Clearwire.

@***ed ***

I agree with him


its insane the amount of money they charge for the service


We are paying for 6-8Mbps. I'm currently looking at a Clearwire modem with full signal, that's 5 lights out of 5 lights on.

I'm currently downloading a file at 73.2KB/s.

This morning it reached 682.4KB/s but that was before everyone woke up. Clearwire does offer speeds up to 8Mbps and can reach them if YOU are the ONLY one on their networks.


I have had there service for over two years. The last couple of months it has slowed way down.

I blame this on a bandwidth problem as more and more people are using Netflix and You Tube to watch streaming video the system can't handle the number of users on line. I can start out early in the morning and get 1.5 mbps speed and as the day moves along the speed slows down to the point of a 28k dial up phone.

I will be switching to another service now that I have observed this slow down day after day. Their system is overloaded with users.

Kent A

Their customer service is subpar and they obviously don't know what they're doing. The guys on the phone are more useful than trying to speak with the ones online (they're useless for anything more than testing minor stuff).

I figured with a store close to me, if I had minor issues or problems, I could go to them. Sorry, not an option. They're nothing more than salesmen, and not even qualified to teach my dog (if I had one) anything about computers. "Call Tech Support" is what they tell for if you come in about anything besides buying a new product or adding services to your account.

The problem I had (which I now know how to deal with) was the speed I was getting was WAY below what was promised. Turns out some of it was misleading and some of it is my building. The misleading I blame them for, the building I can't do much about.

I'll clear what they're blameless for, and thats the fact that while there ARE towers close to me, because of my location, there are so many buildings that the signal strength is drastically reduced which reduces the maximum speed. This is something they can't do much about, but their tech guys should KNOW "ok, we get a lot of calls from this area about this problem, and we know the source of it, so we can tell the customer that may be their problem". They don't seem to understand that simple concept however.

What IS their fault is how they're misleading in their advertising. They say 3 - 6 Mps with bursts of up to 10 Mbps. The average consumer would think "Oooh, three to six MEGABYTES". That's not what they mean however, and this requires some explanation.

They mean three to six MegaBits per second. I checked, megabit is listed as (Mb) while megabyte is listed as (MB). It's a mathematical thing in how its listed. It's misleading and borderline on lying to the customer.

A Bit is actually only 8 Bytes. So, to get the actual speed, you have to divide by eight. So their speed is actually (3-6 with bursts of 10)/8 ...

384 KB/s (kilobytes per second) (low end)

768 KB/s (kilobytes per second) (high end)

1,280 KB/s (kilobytes per second) (burst)

So, rounding it's 350KB/s - 750KB/s with bursts of up to 1.2MB/s

Doesnt sound as good on paper or for advertising. If you want confirmation, check Speedtest.net (which a lot of people use), it says MEGABITS for speed.

The speed I get is on the low end of what they promised (I average 100KB/s and get bursts of up to 300KB/s), but considering my location it's understandable. When I'm out of this area, I do get the speeds they promised me.

However, with that all said, their customer service still sucks, their store reps are nothing more than salesmen, they don't communicate with each other, and I'll be glad when my cancellation fee is gone.

A lot said, but I had to give you the full details of my situation.


worthless...Ipay60 buck amonth for the 1.5 service....yet my average downlodd speed is in the single digits/kbps...yes Kb...sometimes even dropping below 1kbps, have called numerous times pretty much allthey dois have me empty browser cache....I'm a comuter science major, and I tell them thisalong with that I have gone over most troubleshooting before bothering to call, best advice I have got from them was to run a ipconfig/flushdns


Sorry, but the worst part about Clearwire is the company itself. The supposed 7 days you have to cancel the contract is a scam. You actually have to have the equipment back to Clearwire before the seven days are up. If you actually try the service for a couple of days there is no way you can get the equipment back to them before the seven days are up.

Clearwire does all it can to get as much money out of its customers as possible. The service is slow, problematic and not worth the price. You can get much faster broadband for the same price elsewhere.

The customer service are more like highway bandits than someone trying to help you. Use Clearwire at your own risk. The contact reads like the old contracts that the scam artists who ran health clubs in the old days used to use. It is basically set up to make it impossible for you to get out of the contract if you are unhappy with the service.



When I first signed up, my connection was fantastic, though conveniently right after the "trial" period my connection speed dropped off the face of the earth. I'm not whining that I cannot download 5 Gig iso's, Seems to me a simple case of scaling people back.

a news website taking 3 minutes to load at 3 a.m.

is NOT acceptable. I am tired of calling and getting the power cycle runaround, cancelling this week, already lining up and attorney, have contacted the BBB and waiting for them to try and screw me.


I'm in the same boat with "pissed." I have had nothing but trouble with clearwire. I have just finished my contract (thank heavens) and will be terminating ASAP.

The excuse that it is "new technology" is bunk, when I first signed on I got what I paid for... for about 3 months. Then after the "trial" was over my speeds were cut. The technology is sufficiently stable to provide the bandwidth, it just cuts into the profit margins.

This is a bogus company with crapy customer service (their answer to everything is either move your receiver or power cycle your system) quality trouble shooting there... This is a complete scam and rip off.


I have had clearwire over a year now and I noticed some issues but I am not *** and moaning because I know that WIMax is still new Technology. We havent tried their Viop phone yet and maybe or not.

I do check my speeds on Speedtest.net usally late at night and I usally get what we are paying for.

Sometimes even better. Ranges 1.5 to nearly 2 megs.


What am I waiting for? In the mean time I cant even watch the office on hulu.com without getting super pissed off.

Clearwire is BS and now I am stuck with it for two years. Oh yeah, maybe thats what you ment by waiting


first thing you have to remember with clearwire is a new technology

almost every speed test computer have problems reading clearwire up and down.

it is a wireless technology

i setup cleawire alday long if you were only getting 800 k you would not be able to watch the news on line or cnn or anything alse for that matter.

clearwire is not in compition with wired providers. and should not be we offer a new way to the internet and use it were you want to thats all

a 1,5 account in most of my areas in washington state are getting way over 1.5 meg till there is more accounts on the towers,

speed test and any other testing software has never been correct for clearwire.

give it chance to grow and when wi max gets out there it will blow everything else out there away


jeff must be a sales rep doing damage control :roll Didn't do a very good job :grin


your a fool i had this *** company and my daughter couldnt even watch a half an hour dora cartoon without it buffering every 2 to 3 seconds so if you actually belive the *** that you spout keep "YOUR CLEARWIRE" i have since cancelled my account oh and they said gaming no prob HA HA i phoned Xbox live and explained why i couldnt play call of duty without glitching ect....i mentioned clearwire and there rep said and I quote you'll be lucky to even get into the game let alone actually playing they also said they have had numerouse calls and evryone with clearwire has the same issues this company will NEVER EVER compete not even with dial up!